2018 has started, and it’s time to look to the future with excitement, goals in mind and targets to reach and to do that we have to make some new year resolutions. Here’s 6 that if stuck to will make you marketing and online gurus in no time.

1) Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Make 2018 the year you focus on your website and let’s make it something you’re proud of. It’s predicted in 2018 there will be 48.52 million smartphone users in the UK alone, so making sure it’s mobile friendly is a must. Consumers need to be visually engaged, get the information they want fast, and they expect to be able to navigate their way through your website with ease. Is your website ticking all three boxes? Also, did you know 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site? Well, we’re here to make sure you’re the ones they ARE recommending.

2) Start Blogging

Blogging is a great way to attract attention to your online website, it not only increases SEO, but shares your expertise and gives your brand a voice. Visions Tips? Find out what’s trending and make sure your content is current. Use strong headlines and don’t forget the 4 U’s: Unique, urgent, useful, ultra-specific. If you want any help with blogging or improving your website’s SEO don’t hesitate to ask.

3) Build up relationships

You may have a great relationship with your current customers, and that’s great because they matter… a lot! But make 2018 the year you expand your relationships and aim to attain new consumers. But all the same, take care of the old ones by providing good customer service from companies like LGNetworksinc.com. Rethink your marketing strategies and really try to understand who you’re targeting and how you’re going to do it. Did you know 74% of consumers cited relying on social media when making a purchase, so make social media and building those online relationships priorities in 2018.

4) Be Active

In recent surveys 71% of consumers who had a good social media experience with a brand were more likely to recommend it to a friend, so are your consumers excited by the content you post, and how active are you? It’s all well and good having social media, but do you post often? You should be posting engaging content frequently, mixing it up with high quality imagery and video. Be strategic about what hashtags you use and understand what platforms you should be using them on. Post content your followers will want to share, this way your brand will be more exposed and followers will start increasing. Not got the time? Well, that’s where we come in. We can manage your social channels and create bespoke content to engage with your target audience.

5) Stop waiting for tomorrow

Set goals and deadlines for the year ahead, having a plan in place gives you structure and objectives to aim for. Stop pushing things back and waiting for the tomorrow that never comes, do things now and see the change it makes. Schedule social posts in advance so you aren’t doing it daily, this will allow you to create a structure to your posts with more strategic actions. Make creating new content part of your routine.

6) Cut down the to-do-lists

We’re all guilty of giving ourselves a two-page long to-do-list to complete in an unrealistic timescale, then kicking ourselves for not ticking all the tasks off. Minimise your job list and allow yourself time to execute each task well, take your time, don’t rush and watch how it affects the quality of your work. Take breaks and enjoy the odd walk. By allowing yourself to enjoy the creative process, you give yourself chance to bring your vision to life.

At Visions, we’re here to help. From re-designing your website to creating unique content for your social channels. Our aim is to help your brand grow by producing branding and designs that clearly communicate your vision.