Social media is a way to give your brand a personality, bringing the brand to life, and allowing consumers to get a real feel for what the brands all about. With this, you can place a backlink which will direct potential clients directly to your site, which showcases all your services. For your original site, you get get a white label link building services on a monthly retainer to help it grow. Many brands are utilising social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to not only increase awareness, but to build relationships with consumers on a more personal level. I prefer using Youtube to market my content and service and from time to time also take the assistance of TheMarketing Heaven as last time I got likes from in a large quantity which helped my video to become quite popular in the region I live. You might not see it as an essential to be present on all these social media channels, but if you want your brand to grow and stay current, you should be making this a priority!

So who’s on Social media? You might think your target audience isn’t on social media and therefore you don’t need to be either. Well that’s where you’re wrong, because despite 18-29 year olds being the age group who mostly use social media (a massive 90% of all 18-29 in America alone are reported to use social media) the percentage of people aged 65+ who use the internet has tripled since 2010, and is constantly growing. And as for ages 30-49, who only 8% were using social media in 2005, now 77% are reported to be on social media. But you shouldn’t be under the impression that social media is the only place where you can reap traffic, for if you read this guide, you’d of the other ways you can get traffic.


So what social media channels are the most important? Facebook is forever growing and arguably the best platform to advertise your business and services on. With 699 million daily active users and 1 billion registered users, your audience is massive! Allowing you to reach out to potential clients from all over the globe.

Using Twitter is a way to stay current, posting up-to-date news and promotions you have to offer, and it also allows you to search for potential consumers based on the words and hashtags they’ve used in their tweets. This helps to build followers of the same interests drawing their attention to your page. But the difference with eCommerce SEO and the strategy above has almost no difference.

Instagram is a way to showcase your brand through a gallery of images, this gives you a chance to show people where, how and what you’re working on, giving them an insight to how things work and what your brand has to offer.


So what to post and when? That all depends on your brand and what you’re all about. If you’re a cupcake company, don’t be constantly posting the latest football scores, however don’t just post about cupcakes 24/7, it’s all about getting the balance right! Consumers don’t want to be suffocated with offers and promotions you have to offer, of course social media is a great way of telling people about this (and it’s free to do so!) however posting about current news, trends or articles will engage more people, ultimately bringing more people to your page.

With the correct posts and reaching the correct audiences, increasing your followers can come quickly and effectively. Facebook gives you the ability to target promotional posts to people depending on their:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Likes and interests
  • Relationship status
  • Workplace
  • Education

This allows the post to be seen by people who will be most interested in the information you’re giving them.

Twitter and Instagram both uses hashtags, which gives consumers the ability to search for selected words in order to find tweets and posts with related to that topic. For example a bar tweeting or posting an image on Instagram with the caption ‘Come and join us at ‘The Bar’ from 7-9 for #241cocktails #Happyhour’ – will allow people to search for #Happyhour or #241 and find this tweet with ease and be aware of the times the place and the offer.

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As well as building relationships with clients, from all over the globe with ease, giving your brand a personality and humanising your brand, there are many more benefits of social media. These go from generating leads to expanding your business, having better, more efficient customer services, to increasing your brand’s awareness and promoting your brand in an affordable way. So it’s time to get get involved in the social media world, or if you are already it’s time to start utilising these, posting frequently and engaging with consumers on a daily basis, and we can help you do that!