Have Courage And Be Kind

I had eagerly awaited the cinema release of ‘Cinderella’ ever since the trailer appeared on YouTube months earlier. At times, I would watch the trailer back-to-back five or six times. The magical music and retelling of such a classic fairytale had me anticipating this movie like an impatient child.

The release day arrives and I collect my daughter from school, throw her into her new live action Cinderella dress and off we go to see it. Sweets in hand we sat down only to be surprised with a seven minute screening of ‘Frozen Fever’, which made waiting for the film to start even more exciting.

It was perfect!!!

I loved how similar the live action was to the original story; they had kept it as close as possible, which was magical. It was everything that I had hoped for and each character was just like the image I had in my head.

Cinderella was beautiful, The Fairy Godmother was hilarious and Prince Charming (Kit) was as dreamy as I had hoped.

The story has timeless tales of bullying, money, hierarchy, state, bereavement and love. Although each of the three deaths in the movie made my daughter cry a little, what better way to teach a child about these life woes.

Lily James was superb as Cinderella and I now cannot imagine another actress playing the role instead. She was sweet, innocent but had strong morals and beliefs, which her stepmother never managed to break. Coming close to giving in to the poor life that she had been forced into, it was lovely to see her prevail and never lose sight of her morals.

http://cinderellapastmidnight.tumblr.com captures all of the magic from the film and as soon as I opened it, it made me want to power charge straight back to the cinema and watch it again.

With lot’s of beautiful pictures and inspiring quotes from the movie it covers everything that any fairy tale fan would like to see.

I am ashamed to admit that I am a complete technophobe and this website initially challenged me on a MacBook Air as I couldn’t figure out the scrolling method, however, once I got it, it proved stunning.  The website is so creative and the layout is so pretty. As you scroll down you can control the speed, which was great when I wanted to pause on a picture of Prince Charming for a few seconds…ok maybe a few minutes.

The movie and website are beautiful, inspiring and true to the original tale. Any Disney fan young or old will absolutely love them…

Have Courage And Be Kind