I have seen a lot of body paint make up artistry but this guy is definitely up there with the best. Argenis Pinal is a Makeup Artist from California who uses his amazing makeup and body paint skills to change his entire appearance.
With the correct lines, shading and colours, he can become any superhero proving that design is everywhere.
This guy is so talented and clearly very patient. It isn’t just the male characters that he has mastered as his skills can transform him into any female superhero too. The way he has taken the original designs and adapted them is quite extraordinary. Having a good web design can make and break the SEO Cardiff rankings and you always want a design to help your buisness grown.

Is there any better canvas for design than on a living being…walking art!

combining make up in design

Following on from the recent ‘eye art’ trend many Makeup Artists have created masterpieces just like the Frozen characters below using a mixture of airbrush, sponge and brush work. This is very time consuming work and the design is both imaginative and creative, which ultimately gives eye-catching results.

combining make up in design disney

Here is a great example of using technology design inspired by makeup and art.


Take a look at an amazing reverse makeup process;