As a design and development agency we get asked could you go from a gamer a to a developer? We always support anyone not every role in a design agency involves being super creative with designs. In fact, if you had a team full of designers, we’d spend our days creating shit hot designs that don’t go anywhere. 

The secret recipe to a successful creative agency, is a dedicated team of organised planners to keep the project on track. Creative designers to make websites stand out from the crowd, super techy developers to show off, and a whole load of collaboration. We also offer SEO cheshire

We spend a lot of time at work, that’s why it’s important to find a career that you are passionate about! 

Visions believe that success is not measured by the number of qualifications you’ve got or even how qualified you may be on paper. If you’ve got the passion and the can-do attitude, we want to hear from you! 

We caught up with Ben, one of our Junior Web Developers who joined Visions on the back in April 2021. Ben talks about his passion for development, and what he enjoys the most about being a developer. So lets see what Ben thinks about could you go from a gamer a to a developer? Lets Find out his conculsion.

Ben Burgess – Junior Web Developer

My name is Ben Burgess and to put it simply I am a huge nerd. I have always had a passion for computers and gaming. I am lucky enough to grow up in a time in which tech is becoming a vital part of everyone’s lives. 

Honestly think this is a big reason behind my passion as when I was growing up I would constantly be amazed at how much technology is progressing. 

My Gaming Days

I remember playing my first Call of Duty and thinking “wow this looks amazing” but fast forward to now and Call of Duty 3 looks like a mess of pixels compared to the quality of the Call of Duty games released today. Tech never fails to amaze me. 

When I started college I had it set in my mind that I was going to dive into games development. But after spending 2 years learning very basic games development stuff I was extremely put off. The idea of coding for days and days didn’t appeal to me. 

Finding a New Role that gives furfillment

Which brings me to my job as a Web Developer, you may think well isn’t web development just coding all day just like games development. Yes, that is correct, but once I began coding websites and engaging with people in my office and the team of devs I work with. I began to really enjoy coding. 

There is something oddly satisfying about creating a website and being able to say “Ye I made that”. Having a team around you as I do at Visions Design, makes the experience 10x better.

It is helpful to have such a relaxed environment to work in. As coding, all day can become a bit of a pain so it is great to have people around me that I can just have a little chat with. It just takes my mind off coding for a little bit. 

 After college I said I would probably never do a job coding and now look, I’m coding and enjoying every bit of it. 

I am so lucky to have this opportunity and I hope that as I keep learning. It will become even more satisfying once I can create more complex sites and features. 


I think Ben is a perfect showcase that you Could you go from Gamer to Developer and be happy. Ben is more creative as now everyday is the same with the variety of Web Design clients. In which we empower with thier online presence.

If you’re looking to join a diverse team that is passionate about all things design and development. We want to hear from you! Check out our careers page here to see our current vacancies.


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