Today’s society is changing in a dizzying way. Each day is different from the previous one. We are living a constant evolution in which everything changes. The way we relate to others changes, the way we do business changes even the way we buy things changes. We are so busy that we even buy online because we do not have time to go to the supermarket. People and companies are looking for the best way to stay afloat in this social wave of new trends and that is why any tool that can facilitate life and work is welcome.

Technology has allowed us to be constantly connected no matter the time or the place (It should be forbidden to work from the beach on holiday in Lanzarote!!!) Email, reports, audits, presentations … our day-to-day work is loaded with documents and new projects. I do not want to imagine how it would be if everything were on paper! An authentic chaos would be the word that would best define it.

For all this G-suite is the tool you are looking for and what you need to facilitate your day to day. Imagine a place where your email, calendar, saved documents, documents you have in mind, projects … can be saved and you can access all this from a single platform. G-suite allows you to:

  • Connect with your coworkers, with your bosses, with potential clients. Simply connect. From wherever you are and whenever you want. Email, calendar, video conferences … everything you need to carry out your projects.
    • Professional email for you and your team to always stay connected.
    • Online calendars to manage you and your team’s schedule.
  • Create all your projects on the same platform and you will never lose that little piece of paper in which you wrote the script for your next novel. You can be connected to your phone, your tablet or your computer.
    • Always be aware of other people’s projects as you can set up alerts to know when someone shares, edits or deletes files.
  • Access your documents at any time and on any occasion. You will always be able to change the script of that novel.
    • Unlimited space in Google Drive and Gmail allows you to store, access and share files when you want.
  • You can always manage your accounts and devices safely. In case you lose your mobile, all of your data will be stored safely so that nobody will be able to read your documents and copy your next novel.

G-suite offers you all this in a single platform. Are you prepared to be the next successful writer?
Everything you need to work faster and achieve your personal and professional goals quicker. Now there is no impossible project!

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