We’ve all recieved those emails promising that your site will show on the ‘first page of google’, haven’t we?

Don’t fall foul of this! Nobody can guarantee that your site will appear on the first page of Google. This is a really bold claim and you should be wary of anyone that makes this claim. Any digital agency worth their salt, that provides an SEO service, will NEVER promise a client something they can’t guarantee. There are too many factors involved that affect the page ranking process.

Can anyone guarantee first-page google?

The simple answer is NO. Of course, some sectors and niches are very competitive and others not so much. Let’s take the term “Credit Card”, according to Semrush, it has a difficulty score of 77%. This will make it very hard to rank for and as a rough guide, you’ll need 213 high-authority referring domains and well-optimized content.

google first page guaranteed

That being said, you can still plan a route to get as high as possible with the budget you’ve got available. Semrush is a great tool and helps you to know where every single page on a website is linked too. This can help you make an SEO strategy to achieve the goal. You also have to consider while you are also building links, your competitors could be as well.

google first page guaranteed

In the image above, you can see how many referring domains a website would need to achieve first-page position on google for the credit card industry. This is no small task and would require a lot of investment. It would feel like a mammoth task to catch up to the websites that are already listed on the first page.


The promises of ‘first page guaranteed’ may seem tempting, but hopefully, this blog will share will make you think about the possibilities. BUT, you can still make a plan to rank for any of the keywords with a strong, robust SEO Strategy.

Here at Visions Design, this is something we excel at. We LOVE creating and implementing SEO plans to support your overall digital marketing strategy and allow a more joined-up marketing effort to reach your goals for the coming years. Get in touch today to find out more.


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