There’s Never Been a More Important Time to Be Online

Digital is no longer restricted to being a nice-to-have option or growth engine. In the current situation, for many of us, it perhaps is the only way to do business. 

With industries evolving and times changing rapidly, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve.

Now that things have changed like never before, businesses are quickly racing to go digital and are trying to make it work for them. One area thats seeing huge growth and tradesmen looking for web design tradesman because they see the value of having an online shop front.

The coronavirus pandemic has left people scared and unwilling to do business as usual. Now that businesses can’t rely on face to face meetings, networking groups, physical business cards, etc, they need to evolve. Thats why we are offering SEO Stoke On Trent and many places as we are passionate about helping businesses grow online.You maybe looking for an SEO company near me, we are always here to help a company grown its web presence.


Since the lockdown came into effect, you and your customers have been staying home as a safeguard measure. This crisis has shown what digital can do for businesses. Having an online presence can help reach your target audience, connect with customers and keep them informed and updated. 

Without an online presence, how would your customers know what products/services you provide or what hours you’re open? 

So build a website if you don’t have one yet. 

Put in place a proactive online marketing strategy. 

Set up your Google My Business page. 

Get social. Set up a social media profile on the platforms that your target customers are most likely to be on including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 


Many businesses still don’t have Facebook pages, directors don’t have LinkedIn pages or websites. 

In this day and age, you can’t afford not to. 

Each touchpoint is just another way to allow people to contact your business. It allows you to communicate with customers and potential customers so when they need a solution you offer they come to you for help.

These platforms allow you to showcase your products/services. You can upload pictures of your products or even product videos of the services on offer. You can communicate with your customers 24/7, add an updated menu and highlight special promotions and offers at the touch of a button. 


We are using our online management system to manage tasks, track time and update the rest of the team internally and also our clients who can leave messages on tasks. 

We have used Zoom and Google hangouts more than ever, to speak to our clients face to face virtually, which makes it much easier to explain our progress, any bottlenecks we have found and overcome and allows us as best we can to have ‘normal’ meetings while in lockdown.

These are just some of the recent online touchpoints we have adopted to not only help how we function but to help our clients communicate with us

Let us know how your touchpoints have changed recently!