Google is introducing a holistic algorithm update on June 2, 2021. This is the first of two core planned updates, with the second update releasing in July.

Your search rankings could decrease or increase after this new update takes place. Page experience will be a huge part of Google’s ranking system after this update. However, the true effects of the update won’t kick in until the end of August, which gives business owners ample time to update their websites. Keeping you google  business profile updated is also very important to your business and online presence.

So what’s the new Google algorithm update?

We already know that Google considers over 200 ranking signals when ranking a website in the search results. We also know that factors such as backlinks and on-site SEO play a critical role in the rankings. 

These are the things that Google looks for to help its users find the most relevant, freshest content for a given search query. These signals have been important and still are however, Google is always looking for ways to provide the best user experience. To that end, it has rolled out several updates in the past such as mobile responsive web design and HTTPS.

The June 2021 update is aimed at furthering the user experience. With this update, Google will consider the page experience of a website when ranking it in the search results.

What is page experience?

Page experience ranking signals look at how visitors perceive the experience of using your website. Essentially, Google wants to give priority to pages that offer the best user experience.

Google wants to not only give priority to these pages in the search engine results pages (SERPs) but they also want to identify such websites by way of a visual indicator so users can easily identify websites that meet Google’s page experience criteria. 

What does this mean for your website and business?

A website with a good page experience is one that is secure, uses HTTPS, is mobile friendly and has all the website essentials such as page load speed.

You can Google Search Console, a free tool to analyse your website’s page experience. Head to the “Page Experience” report to find out a detailed assessment of your website’s page experience.

If your website is found lacking in any of these important elements of page experience, be sure to resolve those issues at the earliest. You can also look for opportunities to further improve the user experience of your site.

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