If you have a general question or need help with a particular section of your website, we are on hand to help.

We have recently changed the way we are offering support so please follow the steps in this blog to create any new support tickets. 

You will now need to raise a support ticket via the form on our new support page. It’s quick, easy and simple to use.

Start out by filling in your contact details. We will need these to access your account which allows any of our support team to take on your support request. 

Once you have filled in your contact details, you will need to fill in a few more fields such as the website address that you need support with, when you first saw the issue or when it was first reported to you and also the urgency of the issue.

Not too sure which level or urgency to select? Not a problem, here’s how we have graded each tier:

Low Urgency

You have a general question about your website that you wish to get some support on. 

Normal Urgency

You have an issue however it is not currently affecting any functionality of the site, the front end users or customers from making purchases.

High Urgency

You have an issue that is affecting particular functionality and features of the site which is negatively impacting the front end users or customers from making purchases.

Critical Urgency

Your website is down or showing an error message and no one can access either the front end or the backend of the website. 

Once you’ve selected the urgency of your issue you will then need to describe the issue to us. Please describe this in as much detail as possible, listing any changes you may have made that could have led to the issue you are reporting as well as anything else that may help us diagnose the problem.

Lastly, you will have the option to upload any files that will help our investigations. If you are experiencing a specific error message please screenshot it and attach it. We are more often than not able to resolve issues quicker when we have screenshots of the exact error message! 

Once you have filled in the form our support team will be notified. We will then be in touch within 24 hours of you submitting the form with a progress update or any questions we may have.