Tiny Home Foundation Website Design by Visions Design Cheshire
Tiny Home Foundation Website Design by Visions Design Cheshire

We recently took on a new project to help Tiny Home Foundation build their online presence and improve their branding. We are thrilled to say that we have not only been able to help but also offer support to Tiny Home Foundation and the team on related questions. You can read their testimonial below.

“When setting up the Tiny Home Foundation, we knew that a professionally built website was essential to the success of the project. 

Dan Cordwell and his team at Visions Design were recommended by a number of different people as a great place to start our search for the right team to appoint. 

At the time we had planned to meet with three web design companies and then choose whomever we felt best understood our business model, our needs and conveyed the most exciting creative vision. 

We met with Visions Design first, we were so impressed by their creativity, enthusiasm for our project’s aspirations and a genuine sense of customer care that we didn’t even make appointments to go anywhere else. 

In that initial meeting Visions Design made some big, bold promises about what they could create for us and then in the coming week they proceeded to exceed all expectations! The team at Visions Design even created a fresh new company logo for us! 

The whole team here at the Tiny Home Foundation love the new website and not one of us would hesitate to recommend Visions Design to anybody looking for a new website, or any other kind of professional online presence. 

When it came to launch and a few little last minute tweaks that we wanted to make, nothing was too much trouble! 

The platform chosen for the website structure now means that it’s super-easy for our team to log-in and post updates etc. 

The next element to be added very soon to the website will be a virtual tour and augmented reality tool! This was a last minute idea and was not part of the original brief but again when Visions Design were approached, we asked how this could be facilitated the answer was the same, no problem at all, we can take care of that for you. 

We all really excited to see this element come online very soon. On behalf my myself and the whole rest of the team, we wish to thank Visions Design for all of your hard work, patience and creativity, the new website is exactly what we wanted and more!”

David Blackhurst – Managing Director 

Thank you to David and the Tiny Home Foundation team for taking the time to give feedback. We’ve really enjoyed working together and look forward to doing so in the future!

Check out the new and improved Tiny Home Foundation website here – www.tinyhomefoundation.org

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