Photographer Richard Silver has accumulated a series of time slice photography in which he slices a regular photo into many photos with Pentax K1000, all in a different time frame so the photo goes from day to night. The result is very interesting, take a look!

This method of photography clearly requires so much patience and focus from collecting the images to organising them and then finally stitching them all together with software such as AE or Photoshop. The end results can be absolutely stunning

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So how is it done you may ask…? We have seen time lapse and we’ve also seen hyperlapse. But what’s time slicing? To quote photographer Dan Marker-Moore,

“A time slice is more than a photograph. A time slice takes a series of photographs and combines them into one single image. It takes slices of the same photograph offset in time from several seconds up to a few minutes.”
This is a brief look at Marker-Moore’s post-processing workflow:
Import the images into Lightroom and colour correct them.
Export the sequence of final images into After Effects.
Offset the images as layers in time.
Find the size and shape of the slice.

Learn how to create your own time lapse photography by watching a tutorial link below;