As we all know, trends and styles come back around. Some trends stay, others go. Some become unpopular for no real reason, others we question how they were popular in the first place. But one thing we know for sure is that good web design Lytham is becoming essential for brands to become both recognised and respected, and whenever I visit the business printing services near me for my marketing campaigns, I ensure that I get some really vivacious business posters. In 2018 we will revisit some old design techniques, but of course, expect to see some modern twists and updated looks as we venture into a year that will continue to embrace experimentation and bespoke web design Bamber Bridge.

Movement with Animations & GIFs

There’s a massive hype around microinteractions at the moment, and in 2018 we expect this to grow. This is becoming an increasingly more popular way to show users how to perform different tasks and Microinteractions that provide feedback based on a users action instantly make them feel more engaged. Through mini animated videos, you’re able to visually explain things to users that massively help their understanding of the product or service it is you’re trying to promote.

Animation allows you to add excitement to ads, email newsletters, icons and logos. We 100% recommend you take advantage of this trend!

Bold & Experimental Typography

It’s going to be the bolder and bigger the better for the typography world in 2018. Expect to see HUGE headlines and BOLD fonts. Checkout out our Pinterest board for some inspiration! Typographers will become even more experimental as they combine both art and design incorporated into creative layouts. Bolder variations in alignment, keyring, and tracking will give a cleaner look and allow sections of text to become visually more appealing when designing websites.

As more and more brands enter the digital world, it will become even more essential for their websites to be unique to help them stand out from competitors and visually communicate their own style. Bespoke typography and attention to detail will allow brands to do this.  

Authentic Photography

An authentic photograph conveys emotion, tells a story, or shows an action. You want consumers to feel engaged with your brand. Authentic imagery gives your brand a personality and one that individuals can connect to. Of course, you have the option of stock imagery, but ask yourself are these images going to connect with people, are they going to make people want to buy into the brand and if the answer is no… get a professional photographer to come and take some photographs that will fit. We can help with that so if want to ditch the cheesy stock imagery and get some good images or videos to promote your business with, get in touch!

Gradients/Colour Transitions

Who would have thought back in 2016 when Instagram changed its logo into a colorful gradient this trend was going to hit off. In 2018 we will see even more colour gradients being used in design, or colour transitions as they’re now more commonly being referred to. This design technique is making its modern-day comeback as a flat design enhancement. Take a look at some great designs that use gradients here. 

Spotify was one of the first brands to bring gradients back and we now see many other brands using it to enhance their website appearance. So keep a lookout for 2018 as designers experiment more with colour transitions.

The design world is forever developing through experimentation and adapting old design techniques with modern day twists. With good SEO Wolverhampton and the best SEO practices adding into a design can help it rank better. In 2018 we will continue to embrace originality and focus on the individuality of brands and their target market. Let 2018 be the year you branch away from boring design and enter the world of creativity. Give your old website a makeover and focus on your brand’s image. Stand out from competitors, and become something exciting. Find your vision and let us help you run with it.