Who’s ready for a break? We sure are! You’re probably already dreaming of all the overeating and oversleeping you’re going to do, right? Us too! You might even finally get to watch that Netflix series you’ve been putting off all year, go on – you deserve it! 

BUT, we couldn’t let 2021 slide without saying it has been a pretty sick year (pardon the pun).

Don’t let the news fool you, the year hasn’t been all doom and gloom. There are oodles of AMAZING news stories from this year that probably didn’t make it through the confusing COVID comms of ‘have a party, don’t have a party’ (too soon?) 

  • Donald Trump was banned from Social Media – (Only 10 years too late!)
  • Pandas were removed from the endangered species list
  • A human brain was wirelessly connected to a computer (incredible right?) 
  • El Salvador became the first nation to recognize Bitcoin as a currency. 

Emotional speech incoming – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

It might sound cringeworthy but 2022 will be the year of growth and repair (in our opinion of course).

We’ve started to fight back, welcome back and have each other backs.

We’ve reconnected and started to rebuild after being at the mercy of a deadly virus.

Sounds very dramatic doesn’t it? 

At Visions, this year has been a year of growth. The pandemic has opened doors to work with large international corporations, without the need to travel anywhere! Saving both the turtles and Dan’s petrol bill! We’ve expanded the team and levelled up on the work we do and we are so excited about the year ahead. 


Basically, this post was a very long winded way of saying we need a bloody rest and we thank you all for your support and loyalty this year, we are super proud to be working with you.

With great clients, life is a little bit brighter.


I know we’ve mentioned once or twice we need a break, but we really do. We want everybody to celebrate a really exciting year by switching off and spending time with our friends and family… might sound like hell to some of you?!

HOWEVER, Visions’ offices are closed from Friday 24th December at 12 Noon until Tuesday 4th January at 9am.  
Don’t worry, the only thing high and dry this Christmas should be your turkey! If your query is urgent during this time, please log a ticket with our support desk and a member of the team will take a look for you. You can log a ticket by clicking here or emailing [email protected]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022! 

From all of us at Visions Design


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