Production Videos are on the rise! At some point or another, we’ve all watched YouTube videos of cats doing funny things or the best ultimate fails haven’t we? In the digital age we now live in, video is everywhere. One of the oldest forms of video advertising is TV adverts, the oldest British TV advert dates back to 1955. But, why does that matter to you as a business? Let me tell you!

As of July 2017, YouTube had over 1 billion users, which amounted to almost one-third of the Internet!  Also YouTube, on mobile devices alone, reaches more people aged between 18-34 in the US than any TV network. (If those stats don’t impress you then I don’t know what will!)

The reason I’m bombarding you with huge numbers is to show you just how beneficial video can be to you and your business! Videos can be shared almost anywhere from Facebook to the homepage of your own website and they are a really great way of engaging customers! Videos help prove to potential customers that your business has a personality.

Have a watch of our video and see if felt like you now know us better almost more personally?

Notice our video doesn’t scream sell, sell, sell! We made sure that the message we portrayed was that we are a group of dedicated, friendly people who love what we do. (Hopefully, you thought the same!).



Videos are a safe investment! If ever there was a time to dive into the video world it’s now! You can use your video as much as you want. Share it, Email it, Post it, even use it on your website, videos are well worth investing in!

Within the last 12 months, Facebook has embraced the rise of video. Although video sharing has been available on Facebook for some time, new features have been released with Facebook live taking users by storm and being used with huge popularity. Facebook has also started to allow pages to upload video banners, you can check out ours here

We shared our video on our Facebook page and within 2 days we had over 1,000 views! Video is on the rise jump onboard



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