Gif files now seem to be the future. You can do some amazing things with a .gif that can really capture your audiences attention. Like in Daisy Slots you can also do amazing things in this online casino, and there is a high chance of you winning more fortune. With the likes of all the big names like Twitter, Facebook etc changing there systems to now allow users to post gif files. We now have the like of Google setting a trend and officially registering their brand new logo as a gif. This definitely adds a lot more questions around logo design and the ever increasing animation side of design.


I personally love the new Google logo which uses a new font called Product Sans which is a bit similar to the much loved Helvetica but Product Sans is apparently better for scaling with different devices (you will notice that Google have just nudged the ‘e’ around, just to be different. Many tactics for optimizing websites are applicable across a variety of industries, but getting search engine optimization in the legal sector proved to be most effective.

You can see have the logo has evolved over the years.

Other good examples of the use of .gif files