Below we will lay out what the branding branding process is as branding is an important part of positioning your business. Positioning aligns your businesses purpose – your why – with the expectations of your target customers and the value they derive from buying your products/services. 

A strong brand can help build your reputation, create trust, make you stand apart from competitors and influence your audience’s buying decisions.  

Creating a solid brand identity begins with a complete branding process that consists of five equally important stages. Let’s take a look at the branding process in detail.   


This is where we get to understand your business, your aims and goals and find out how we can deliver the best results!

The discovery phase of a branding project is all about gathering information and reviewing it to understand your business, competition, industry, target audience and your existing brand identity. 


Once we have the essential information, we begin the creative stage of the process, putting pencil to paper. 

This is the phase where we design your brand identity based on the feedback and assessment from the discovery stage. As part of this phase, we craft the visual identity that will translate your organisation’s values into a meaningful, memorable visual. 

During this process, we will also focus on functionality to make sure the brand translates it’s personality and purpose lucidly and consistently across all touchpoints. 

There’s a lot more to a brand than a logo, and yet the logo is an important anchor of a brand. To build your brand identity, we define a colour palette, font style and other visual elements to build a complete identity. 


Now that the initial logo has been designed we begin to test our ideas. We demo the logo to the clients, focus groups, others we trust from out industry and most importantly, the customers!

Once we have feedback we then continue to tweak our designs to match our findings. When we are at a point where we are happy that the branding is ready we then move to the next step, deploy!


When the logo has been boxed off, it’s time to design other branding assets such as business cards, letter heads or even a full vehicle wrap. Once 

Once all of the branding material is ready we then launch the new brand.


This is the stage where your brand begins to grow and customers will begin to recognise the new branding and associate it with your business.

The delight stage is all about revealing your identity to the world and allowing it to unfurl its magic. This stage begins with the careful planning of the launch. When and how some aspects of the brand would be launched on different channels. 

As part of this stage, we also future-proof your brand identity with a comprehensive brand guideline. 


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