If there’s one thing that has left online marketers confused and clueless, it is the term “user experience”. UX or user experience is pretty complex and the phrase is subjective to many individuals in the UX community. 

What is User Experience? 

UX is an important part of the design process that’s focused on the overall experience as well as the aesthetics. It is about designing and planning an experience and crafting a workflow for the visitors of a website.

UX often helps prompt users through their journey and can even promote sales/conversions.

Why is UX important? 

User experience plays a crucial role in creating a website that your visitors will take time to explore, engage with and convert. 

UX is about creating an interface that works just as your audience expects. The interactions are so well designed and intuitive that visitors don’t even have to think. They just click, read, scroll, and interact until they are ready to enquire. 

Here are some reasons why UX is important: 

  • Loyalty – If your audience has a terrible experience on your site, they are unlikely to return. Those lost leads are wasted opportunities.  
  • Conversions and ROI – When your website’s user experience is effective, your return on investment will go up. By putting just the right amount of money into your business to make it user friendly, you can expect to reap the rewards with higher profits. 
  • Customer Satisfaction – Your visitors are your customers. So, you must ensure your website displays every element and offers excellent levels of interaction that will keep your visitors glued and coming back for more.
  • Efficiency – When you get the user experience right, visitors will be able to find what they are after quickly, easily and efficiently. Whether you are running an ecommerce website or a corporate website, when visitors can do things quickly, they are likely to convert, improving your chances of increasing sales.

Examples of Good UX

  • Apple – The Apple website checks most boxes when it comes to UX design. They use parallax scrolling to make things interactive, draw users in and eliminate exit points. Their simple, clean navigation and the use of images makes using the site a delight. 
  • ASOS – The ASOS website stands out for its UX features including the video catwalk that helps visitors to visualise how an outfit looks, the ‘quick view’ feature that provides more information about a product and an intuitive design that cuts the clutter.  
  • Amazon – From customer recommendations to clever bundles, Amazon anticipates users’ needs and delivers the goods. Their one-click ordering system deserves a special mention. 

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