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We are glad you found this page by searching for SEO St Helens as a digital agency. Visions Design are passionate about helping small to medium business grown their online presence. I would recommend that we do a Free Website Audit for your website so we can see how google sees your website and if it has any issues.

Why we do a FREE website Audit

This is something that we run for everyone that would like to know more about their website and its rankings. A full website audit is a 150 page PDF that shows everything about your website, all the good and bad. This gives us a peak of your website’s overall health and how many if it has any errors what they are. Fixing the errors are very important and it might need action to be taken straight away.

Why Competitor Research is Important

We love doing this for businesses as it opens people’s eyes up to how their competitors get traffic and leads. The tools we use it’s called SEMrush, and it allows us to put you and 4 of your competitors against each other. The results are amazing as you get to see all 4 of your competitors keywords and rankings.

We then use this data to help plan an SEO strategy, as we can see all the untapped keywords that your competitors rank for that you don’t. This data is what we used to make a comprehensive list of all these keywords. To see which ones are more relevant to your business goals. Then part of the SEO plan is to target the untapped keywords into your website to increase overall exposure and leads.

What is Local SEO St Helens?

So when clients first come to us that sell a product or service to the local area, we look to see if they have been added to Local SEO. If you are looking for a specific product in your local area. An example, if you needed a roofer in St Helens, you would put into google the search term “Roofer St Helens”. It will bring back results for you as the consumer to check.

Having your business how up on these types of searches is very important for your brand and growth within the local area. This is also where customers can leave reviews on your product or service.

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