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Video production is self-promotion of your brand, services and/or products using video. The benefits of video marketing compared to traditional methods is that it is very engaging, has global reach and it can be tracked by the number of views your videos receive. Another benefit of promoting yourself through video is that videos can be shared instantly to all of your social media platforms as well as displaying as your Facebook cover photo.

We have the latest video production equipment from gimbles to wide-angle camera lens’, which allows us to get a range of shots that you simply couldn’t capture on your mobile phone! We edit all of our videos with the latest Adobe software which means we can add filters, background music and even, voiceovers (we work closely with a voice over artists so we can also provide the voice over). We can tailor the way we edit your video to suit your needs if you would like a corporate video then the final video will represent that and if you would like a more relaxed video then we are also able to do that.

We have filmed and edited videos for Real 5 Networking based in the North West, ourselves (You can see our video above), Sextons Bakery in Lymm and Conexus Tuition. These videos have been promoted on their website, social media and even email newsletters.

We also offer advice on what type of video will suit your business. We can also advise you on how long the video should be. Most promotional videos are 60 seconds in length, however, some corporate videos may run for longer. If this is the case we will edit the longer video to keep people engaged whilst watching it.

If you live in Lymm, Warrington, Cheshire and you would like to find out more about our video production or other services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our team or book a meeting directly through our website!

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