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The ever-changing landscape of social media can be a bit of a mine field, but luckily for you, we have a team of social media experts on hand to navigate you through. No matter what your goals may be, the Visions Design social media team would love to work with you to create meaningful content and tell your story as it continues to develop.

To do that, we’ll work with you to build a strategy to help create whatever success looks like to you. We can provide insights on where you should spend your budget, build up a target audience and ultimately create and build an online community to engage with some creative content!

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    How Important is Social Media Marketing?

    Whether you like it or not, our society relies heavily on social media, and though originally created as a way to connect with friends, each platform has seen a seismic shift towards championing brands and creators. With over 4 billion social media users worldwide, it’s essential to connect with potential customers where we know they are.

    No matter what you sell, whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, successful marketing in all shapes and sizes works best through meaningful human connections and by creating relationships. Social media offers a space to bolster the personal side of your brand while also offering unique opportunities to get creative with content that promotes your business and easily exposes whatever it is that you want to sell to a large-scale audience.

    10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

    1.Brand Awareness – Establishing a brand is about building trust and a good reputation that will encourage customers to stick with you. Social Media is both an easy and effective way to do just that. Creating an easily-accessible, up-to-date online presence utilising your branding simply gives you new platforms for your audience to access you.

    2. Gather Data – One thing we love about social is the ability to measure a massive amount of data that can actively guide strategies and campaigns. You can easily track reach, engagement, post performance and audience insights without even having to invest in expensive tools. This data can also play a key part in analysing and understanding some of the online behaviour of your audience.

    3. Customer Service – It has been estimated that 67% of consumers now use Social Media with the aim to resolve issues. Resolving these issues can also boost customer advocacy by up to 25%! If allowed, having a social media presence can give customers access to your expertise 24/7 and only adds to building up trust.

    4. Brand Authenticity – There’s more to every brand and every business than simply the products and services they offer. There’s a story behind the origins, a reason for selling each and every asset, and a team of people who work together to make the brand what it is. Social Media allows us to explore that, creating a personality behind that brand for others to relate to.

    5. Drive Traffic – Social Media platforms are making it easier to link your site to each channel. Profiles have clickable links which you can point directly to your chosen content. Paid ads can now directly link to specific pages using call to action buttons. We love a call to action – which is why we always encourage using them at the end of posts to encourage engagement and… drive traffic!

    6. Huge Reach – The potential to get your message far and wide and reach a diverse audience is one of the biggest powers of social media. Not only can anyone and everyone who is online find you organically, but there is huge growth and virality power through things like sharing, commenting, liking and retweeting that will expose you to a host of new potential fans!

    7. Loyalty – Building your online presence through social posting and improving trust among your followers will only positively impact their buying habits with you. In fact, a survey found that 90% of people will buy from brands they follow on social media. If they follow you, are engaged and enjoy your content, they’ll be extremely likely to choose your brand over a competitor.

    8. Creativity – The very best thing about Social Media marketing is having the opportunity to express creativity, without boundaries. Social Media performance favours the bold and anyone can go viral or start a trend. Designers can get on board to showcase incredible design, photographers can share stunning photographs and we all know that video is taking the world by storm.

    9. Value For Money – While we encourage you to invest in your Social Media strategy with our expertise, the value you can get with social spending is important to note. The potential return on investment when targeting potential and engaged users can be huge and with so many different ways to manipulate Social Media Advertising, re-targeting and audience research, you can funnel funds where the results work best for you.

    10. Lead Generation – There are a number of ways to reach the kind of audience your brands desire and turn them into more than just fans, but actual customers. Social platforms have ad campaigns dedicated specifically to bringing in leads as well as retargeting opportunities. Your content strategy should also encourage leads with engaging content like testimonials, live video, events and more.

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    Organic vs Paid Social Media Content

    So what’s the difference?

    Organic content includes any kind of free, non-sponsored content, which includes standard posts, videos, stories and more. This content is seen naturally on timelines or via search (including hashtags and key words) because either the users follow you, or because the algorithm has guided them to your content due to interests or through their friends/followers interactions with your posts.

    Unless you have large budgets, organic content is the most used Social Media content as not only does it save money but it is also perceived to be more authentic.

    Paid Social Media content is essentially social advertising. A budget is allocated to platforms and we create audiences to suit specific goals whether that is lead generation, more followers, increased engagement or another goal you may have.

    Unique sponsored campaigns can be set to run, or if an organic post shows potential, these can be ‘boosted’ and optimised for better reach.

    All in all, we can create amazing free content that will naturally drive engagement and results once in front of the right audience, but in order for Social content to really perform, we would always recommend having an advertisement budget in mind to tackle evolving social media algorithms and ultimately to ensure that the content is reaching a valuable audience.

    Social Media Statistics You Need to Know

    On average, users spend two hours and 25 minutes per day on social  platforms.

    When researching products, 76% of internet users use social media.

    23.2% of working-age users actively like or follow brands on social media every month

    After a positive experience with a brand on Social Media, 71% of consumers are likely to recommend the brand to friends and family

    Finding content ranked 4th for reasons for using Social Media while ‘Finding things to do or buy’ ranked 6th


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    Building a Social Media Strategy

    We offer everyone a free social media audit for anyone looking for advice on a social media packages to best suit each business. By sharing links to existing channels (or just your website if you don’t have any yet!) we can build a better understanding of your brand. We’ll also ask some basic questions about your visions for the future so we can suggest the best package for your specific goals and we’ll also dive deeper into your ethos to bring out your personality.

    Once we’ve shared this information with you, we would can schedule a kick-off meeting either from our office in Lymm, Cheshire, or you can join us virtually via Google Meet, where we’ll have a chat about what we’ve learnt and find a common goal. We’ll then look to create a proposal with the aim of creating a Social Strategy with a minimum of one month of content.

    Our Social Media and Content Manager will work closely with our design team to create high-quality graphics and video content with your branding. We can include regular blog writing not only for Social content but also enhancing your SEO*. But our Social Media team will also be closely following the latest news and trends to keep all your content relevant and up to date!

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    How Effective is Social Media Marketing?

    With users spending almost two and a half hours per day on social media, utilising these platforms for marketing efforts gives you and your brand a large window of opportunity to get in front of consumers. By utilising insights and metrics, it’s easy to get real-life data on audience behaviour, which helps us build a strategy that works in terms of types of content.

    Focusing on Social Media Optimisation (SMO) will naturally improve performance. We can enhance Social profiles to make you easier to find, create high-quality, adaptable graphics to best suit your chosen platforms, write great copy and provide flexibility around your strategy to ensure we push high-quality content that offers the most potential.

    Is Social Media and Digital Marketing the Same?

    Social Media Marketing is generally part of a wider Digital Marketing strategy.

    Digital Marketing provides an umbrella of opportunities through a variety of digital channels. This can include the likes of SEO, email marketing, paid search, content marketing and much more.

    But Social Media Marketing focuses on the use of any or all available platforms to create a reputable hub of information, improve brand awareness and share engaging content, be it paid or organic to connect your business with its ideal consumers.

    How Can You Improve Social Media Engagement?

    There are a number of ways to get more engagement on Social posts, which starts from increasing your following to create a ‘fan base’ of customers who will actually enjoy the type of content you share.

    The kind of content used can also dictate levels of engagement. Metrics have shown that Social Media video content generates around 1200% more shares than standard text and image posts combined.

    Engaging copy with calls to action will also help. Asking questions for customers to answer, asking people to comment, or creating relatable, shareable content will encourage conversation, interaction and improve reach.

    Investing in paid content will also improve engagement by hyper-focusing on targeted audiences who are more likely to engage with your specific content, whether thats age, gender, geographic location and so much more.

    And finally… hashtags! Twitter, Instagram and TikTok (and on some occasions LinkedIn) are still ideal for helping people find and engage with your content.

    What is Social Media Advertising?

    Social media advertising refers to paid advertisements and campaigns that we use to promote products or services. They help us to target specific audiences based on specific, suitable factors. This can include age, gender, location, interests, and behaviours. From display ads, sponsored posts and video ads to influencer marketing, there are plenty of formats for your advertising strategy

    Media advertising offers an easy opportunity to reach large-scale audiences. It also helps to engage with existing and potential customers, and increase brand awareness.

    You can also guarantee useful analytics from each platform to track and analyse the performance. You can also choose the best options for your goals, including driving traffic to a website, generating leads, and increasing conversions.

    How much does it cost to advertise on Social Media?

    The short answer? There is no once price fits all.

    The cost of advertising on social platforms will vary depending on several factors. The platform, targeting options, ad format and industry competition can all affect the cost for your desired results.

    Mostmedia advertising is based pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM). This way, you only pay when users click on the ads or when ads are shown a certain number of times.

    The cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) can have abroad range. It will depend on the platform and the targeting options you choose to set.

    Overall, media advertising can be cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. It offers precise targeting and measurable results, allowing for efficient allocation of marketing budgets. As you’d expect, the more you can spend, the more results you will see. But there are options for all budgets.

    What is Social Media Management?

    Social media management involves creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content on media platforms. This way, we can build and maintain an online presence for a brand in a online world. It involves developing a strategy, identifying target audiences, creating and curating content, managing social media accounts, and monitoring performance metrics.

    Effective social management involves understanding the ins and outs of each platform. It’s key to identify the right mix content types for different industries and engage with followers to build a community around a brand.

    Managing social channels, we help businesses establish brand awareness, create a loyal community and drive website traffic.