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To brand a company is to create their image and to support it with campaigns and visuals. Over time, a brand can make a company a household name, and identifiable by a small part of their brand such as a jingle. To create a brand for a company, we endeavour to understand the aspirations of the company and their industry as a whole.

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What’s involved in branding?

Branding isn’t just a logo, there are a number of different possible mediums for the brand to work across, branding includes but is not limited to:

Logo design / Business card design / Letterhead design / Packaging / Copywriting / Tag-lines / Advertisements / Typeface design

The amount of considerations that go into the full branding of a company are beyond the scope of this summary, however to put it in a nutshell you could describe a ‘brand’ as an organisations personality. It is how they are portrayed to their audience.

The idea of a brand is that everything a company does, everything it does and everything it produces should reflect the values and aims of the company. The branding must deliver a consistent and quality message. Driving home core values for the business and this begins with visuals.

Let’s look at an example of branding by Visions, we had the pleasure to design the brand for This started with a logo and then expanded to include website visuals, advertisements and a jingle. The message is consistent across many different mediums including radio and online and helps drive home the company and their message that they will save you time and money.

As a design agency, we are used to hearing from startups and individuals who are just starting on their business journey. Often, they will come to us with all the components thought through, they’ve done their business plan, arranged finance and are ready to hit go! However, we then get to our final question ‘So, what is it called?’ and we get a blank look or ‘Well we thought of this, but we aren’t sure’.

It’s a tricky one as so much rests on it. All new ideas can sound alien and unfamiliar to begin with and yet, look at some of todays household brands; no matter how strange they once sounded they are now successful names we all know. Back in the days of inventors and entrepreneurs many of today’s top brands are simply the surname of the founder of the company – or some connotation of this.

You can add a ‘Mr’ to Renault, Citroen, Ford, Hoover Barclays, Boeing, Disney and Costa, and if you were in the right place at the right time could have met them too.

Responsive logos design explores how brands might adapt to today’s multiple devices and screen resolutions. By applying responsive design principles to individual elements of a logo, and stripping out detail in relation to screen size, a more legible and appropriate logo can be displayed.

So if you are based in Lymm, Warrington, Cheshire or nearby areas and you’re looking for professional and quality branding services, look no further! Get in touch with our friendly and reliable team or book a meeting directly through our website at a time that suits you and we will be happy to give you a call to discuss your requirements!

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