In the digital world, Ai is quickly becoming the marmite of tech. People either seem to love it, or hate it. Either way, it’s impossible to dispute the level in which it has grown in power and popularity in the past 12 months.

We seem to have reached a point where there is very little that Ai cannot do for us. Though, the final product arguably is not ready to replace humans for a number of reasons. 


Recent AI Developments

As a team fuelled by creativity and eye for good design, our interest was piqued by the functionality of DALL-E Ai image technology. Creating unique, creative, intriguing images and artworks from prompts and basic descriptions in seconds, the platform uses a diffusion model to create a brand-new image. It takes human-created drawings, paintings and photographs, destroys them and recreates them to develop something new. 

There has been understandable controversy around this generative Ai model, and how it takes its elements from human-made art without credit. While its ingenuity is undeniably incredible, there is more that could be done to protect human creativity and unique artwork.

Us content creators have also been watching our backs with the development of Ai content and copywriting capabilities. Jasper Ai, for example, uses Ai and machine learning to write both long and short form copy on almost any subject which can be used for anything from blogs to emails, social media posts, brochures, websites and so much more!

In a busy digital role, these kinds of tools can be a game changer for writing content and are overall harmless, particularly when the copy that needs writing is merely a box-ticking exercise. However, it is vital that if you want to create viable, convincing content, you’ll still need to go through the end product, read through and make sure that all the information is accurate. 

(And no, this was blog was not written by a robot… we promise!)

Search engines like Google are also cracking down on Ai-generated content, damaging rankings where ‘bot-created’ content is obvious, in favour of original human-generated content.

But one of the more impressive Ai programs to come out of 2023 was certainly ChatGPT. Despite being in its infancy with recognisable issues, its capability for relaying, finding and explaining information and more impressively, its coding, is what sets it apart. A step up from a standard ‘search engine’, it provides conversational responses to questions and prompts and has the power to essentially write the code for anything you could need… to an extent. Of course we don’t have the time to test everything.

Ai In 2023

The technology behind image-generating Ai has only just begun and its popularity, thanks to its versatility, is on the rise. From generators like DALL-E and Heritage.Ai to TikTok filters and other photo-altering apps, there appears to be no end in sight to the advancements capable of image altering, creating and enhancing. We predict that the quality and realism within some of these will improve alongside the technological improvements in 2023. We’re also hopeful for advancements it 3D Ai imagery this year too.

The more we interact with the technology, the more its creators, and the Ai itself, can learn. A scary premise when you think about this can be developed.An ‘entity’ with the means to hold and use more information than any human being.

We can see the possibilities for streamlining and automating processes and tasks within our own agency-based workloads in some of these big Ai revelations, but Ai is making waves well outside the realm of digital marketing.

From Biotechnology to basic office automation, military and healthcare solutions to recruitment, the advancements made in the past 12 months have paved the way for a very exciting 12 months ahead.

We can likely expect more large-scale investments now that we can see the problem-solving capabilities and consumer and user trust continues to grow. But one thing we must see, in order for Ai to progress in a modern world, is regulation. Privacy, data, security and creativity all must be protected as the technology moves forward if tech companies and Ai labs want to keep on the right side of its potential users.

Working Together

We have been working with some incredible, innovative businesses over the last few years who are harnessing the power of Ai and other technologies like VR to break barriers, make waves and modernise solutions in all kinds of fields.

From physical rehabilitation to infrastructure maintenance and a host of autonomous system developments, at Visions we have loved working with some incredible organisations who live and breathe technology. 

Wave makers, risk takers, we want to support your journey. Whether it’s a new website to better display and compliment your technologies or services, a re-brand to capture a generation or any kind of digital marketing support, we would love to accompany you on your venture.
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