A hot topic in the SEO world is link building. Link building is a vital part of good SEO practices, but what is the correct way to do it? In this blog, we discuss the steps needed to build links in the correct way, to ensure that there is little impact on your website in Google searches.

This is building your website authority so it can rank for higher-value keywords that might typically be out of your reach. Regardless of your business and plans, the goal is always to rank higher on Google than our competitors, right? If you have a good SEO strategy plan already in place, then it’s only a matter of time before you’ll outrank them by chipping away at your competitors’ search results.

How to link build?

You need to contact a website owner and ask if they would place a link on their website to your website. In most cases, you’ll need to buy these links, as no one wants to give anything away for free! The price will vary depending on the website and the niche. Links take time to build, and it’s a real quality-over-quantity game! We would recommend 10 high-quality website links a month, rather than going all out with 500 in your first week.

If link building is done correctly, it will help to increase the authority of your website and those pages within. If you’re targeting the front page of the website with authority, then most of the authority will stay on the front page and spider web out to your existing pages.

If you want a specific blog post or page to grow, then it needs links to that page to increase its ranking. An example is shown below. If you want to rank for the search term “Link Building”, you need 520 links back to that page with the keyword according to Semrush.

Link Building Done The Correct Way 1

So we can look at that and know what we would have to target to get on the front page of Google for that search term, and roughly how many backlinks are needed to the article or page.

Link Building Done The Correct Way 2

Now we can see where each website ranks and how many links back to that specific page they have. This gives us a great indicator if this is a keyword that we should go after. It allows us to focus our time on keywords that may have a lower keyword difficulty score to ensure we can maximise the return.

If done correctly, it’s incredibly effective! However, it needs to be done by a professional and done as part of a larger SEO strategy plan. They can help you find keywords you don’t currently rank for but you could if the content is as good/better than your competitors. SEO link building needs to be done correctly, so it doesn’t hinder your website’s growth.

The Google update back in May 2022 was very harsh to a lot of websites and some suffered more than others. The best plan of action is to get an SEO Audit from us and we can check your backlink profile and the overall website health. To plan a link building strategy that will only help your website grow.

You don’t want to be this guy’s website, do you?

Websites that are linking to toxic websites can potentially hinder your SEO. These websites could have been delisted by Google. They could have even been used for spam or fraud. Here at Visions Design, we have a 21-step process to assure any links we place on your behalf are of the highest standard.

When we do the process of checking websites through these 21 vigorous steps. We can see website lose their listings all the time and they spike and drop constantly. Having links on these bad websites can really harm the stability of your own website.


Link building is an amazing process to help grow your website, good link building and the best informational content is a winning recipe for success, they make for an SEO goldmine.

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