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Are you looking for a SEO Aberdeen service for your website and business? Let us take the time to introduce ourselves and about how we can help your business build its online presence and branding growth.

Free Website Audit

Doing a website audit gives us a chance to check over your website and see any issues it may have. These issues can be tiny, such as no meta tags or ALT tags missing. These are really fast fixes to get done. Once the Audit is complete, they are around 150 pages about your website and its overall health. We will take time with you to discuss any issue’s and explain what needs to be to get the website health. Google likes websites to have over a 92% score, and this is our goal for all our clients.

Aberdeen Competitor Research

If your business has competitors and every business does, it’s vital to know more about your competitors and how they generate traffic and leads to their website. Knowing this data can affect your own business decisions and actions to grow your own business. So we ask for 4 of your major competitors and then we use our SEO Tool Semrush that enables us to match all 5 websites against each other.

The data we get back will help us find untapped keywords. By this I mean that keywords that your competitors rank for that you don’t, meaning you have not tapped into these keywords or traffic. If some of these keywords generate a lot of search traffic, this can have an enormous impact on your own website’s growth. This is just one of many tricks that a good SEO will do to generate your business traffic.

Why you should be doing Local SEO Aberdeen

This is one of the most undervalued tools available to anyone that runs a business that provides a service or product to the local area. So if you are unsure what it can do for your business, let us explain. Say you own a roofing business in Aberdeen, you want people in the local area that are looking for a roofer to find you.

Local SEO is making your business show up on searches as when someone puts in “Roofers In Aberdeen” you want your brand and website to show up at the top. If you own a takeaway and someone searches “Takeaway Aberdeen” you want your takeaway to show up at the top of searches, this is how you generate more sales and leads. We help business get ranked on Local SEO.

Let Visions Design take care of all your SEO needs and we will create an SEO plan that will have you dominating google searches above your competitors.  Click below and set a Meeting up Dan your SEO expert.

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