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Are you looking for are looking for SEO Blackburn to help to grow your business? Having an SEO plan for your business can benefit the growth trajectory. If you are seeing your competitors beating and out ranking you for search terms and you keep thing, why can’t I get that traffic? You need to work with an SEO like ourselves that are passionate about growth and SEO.

Why do you need competitor analyst?

Knowing how your competitors are getting their traffic or getting leads is really important for you to manage your own plan. The ability to look at their keywords and rankings to help you decide the path you want to take. Every new client that comes to Visions Design, we do this as part of the SEO service. We want our clients to know about their competitors ranks and how they are generating traffic.

The software that we use is called Semrush, and it enabled us to put you and 4 of your competitors against each other. It then shows us all the keywords that each competitor ranks for. The best part being that it also shows the keywords that your competitors rank for that you don’t. These show up as untapped keywords that you don’t currently take advantage of or even rank for.

Keyword Research

Once we have gathered a list of all the keywords that you would like to rank for, we will do deep keyword research. Our SEO experts will look at all the keywords and with the client we will pick the best ones that have low competition but still have good traffic for that search term. The key is not to go after the hardest rank keywords at the beginning. Instead, search terms that will give your website some relevancy in google before going after the higher ranked keywords.

Do you need Local SEO Blackburn?

Do you have a business that sell’s a service or a product in the local area that you want to increase the branding to? Having your website and business exposed to the local area can be so beneficial to the branding and growth of the business. A perfect example if you have a takeaway business being up on the local seo would give you them extra orders when someone searches takeaway Blackburn, you would want your takeaway to be top.

Blackburn SEO Agency

So you might think, but Visions design isn’t in Blackburn. This is us show casting how good we are at SEO. You have come across this page search for SEO Blackburn. Let Visions design grown your website with our SEO experts. Click below and book a meeting with Dan, who would be happy to chat.

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