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SEO Cardiff

Welcome to Visions Design, are you looking for SEO services in Cardiff or other areas in South Wales? We are a digital marketing agency that specialises in business growth for businesses online. Have you heard about SEO in passing but unsure what it actually is and how to use it to your business’s advantage? Let us guide you and talk to you about growing your business online.

What is SEO and how can it help my business?

Let’s start with the simple question. SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a way to generate traffic and brand awareness online via google searches. As google holds a tight grasp on a whopping 92.18% of overall searches online in the world. This then makes it a powerful tool for any business to take advantage of.

If your business currently doesn’t generate traffic of leads from Google, you could miss out on the chance of growing the business. As an example, if your business offers a service to the local area, then being at the top of google services for that search string will generate you traffic and sales. If you offering a service as a roofer, then appearing at the top of google searches can benefit the leads you will gain. Thus, increase your overall business.

What is Local SEO in Cardiff?

The difference between Local SEO and SEO is that Local SEO is based in a certain area that you want to do business. So Local SEO is making sure that people in that location can discover your business or services. So if you have a business in Cardiff, you pick the city as the location in which you want your business to appear to local people.

The advantages of showcasing your business in the local area for people to find can increase visibility of the brand and website. More people are buying products or services locally now compared to before. As the concept of buying local is pushed harder for us all to support local businesses.

SEO Cardiff

Best Free Website Audit

We offer a free website audit to your website and you wonder why do you need to do this. The simple answer is that it gives is an overall scope of your website and the general health of the website. This means that we can create an SEO Plan that might need to include some website fixes. It’s important that your website’s health is over 90% and loads at a responsive speed. These are 2 of many of the major factors in how google ranks your website.

The Benefits of SEO Compared to PPC

The benefits of having a good SEO strategy can have a long-lasting effect on your business growth. SEO is like owning land and PPC is like you are paying rent every month without really owning everything. It becomes more expensive to obtain the traffic and leads. This is basically because competitors could outbid you for the keywords you have targeted.

While SEO is a longer route, it’s more stable as when it’s done correctly, it adds longevity to your business. The leads and traffic will keep flowing into the website as the best SEO practices are followed by highly skilled SEO specialists. The business owner you will need to make the choice about which route you want to take. Here is an example below to highlight this.

Would you rather pay $49,000 per month to get this traffic or get the traffic for free by hiring a skilled SEO Agency? Yes, it will cost to hire a seo agency but at a fraction of that cost.

SEO Cardiff And PPC Agency

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