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Web Design Burnley

Are you looking for a web design Burnley? Do you have a current website that doesn’t represent your brand or business anymore? Here at Visions Design, we are passionate about creating fast responsive websites. Can create all different websites from a small 5 pages website to a huge E-Commerce based site. We have a super friendly team of designers that love to create bespoke websites.

The Web Design Process

Below I’m just going to talk about your process of building these amazing dynamic websites. How Visions design work with you to build the website you want.

Project Specification

We can do a meeting in person at our office or via zoom. We will chat to you about what you want from the website and colors and ideas you have. The lead designer is presence on all calls to discuss creating the website brief, ready for the design team.

Design Process

As we only build bespoke websites and our design team, take the brief and start with the design or the website, logo and any other branding material. The goal is always to make a clean, uncluttered website, giving your visitors easy navigation around the site. We take the journey that a visitor and make sure the mapped pages are aligned and give good internal linking. If you are getting a logo designed by us, then we will send examples over for your approval and feedback before starting with the website build.

Build & Feedback

Now our it’s web development team turn to build the website from the design and make the website design come to life. We create a safe space to build the website so you can see the progress of the build without it affecting your current website. All care is taken to make sure that the site provides high-quality user experience and will be successful in driving leads and sales to your business.


Once the website is fully built and before it goes live, we will do training with you and walking through the site. This is so you can understand the website and how to use and edit it if need be. These training videos can be recorded and sent to you as well if you wanted to train any other staff members up. Knowing how to full use and manage the website is an important step.

Website Goes Live

We offering web hosting and if we are hosting the website, then it will be loaded onto the server ready for it to go live. To help make this step run as smooth as possible, then a member of the development team will talk you through the websites going live and if any issues pop up, a friendly member of staff is there to assist. To make the process seamless, we are always there to help.

Monthly Maintenance Service

We offer a monthly website maintenance service. This helps you if any issues come up. We understand that you have a business to run and might not have enough time to keep the website safe and secure and free of any issues. We understand that time is important to keep your website at the forefront of people. This gives you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

We Also SEO Services for your website

Aswell as doing web design Burnley, we also offer SEO services to help grown your website and give it a wider reach. You hit this page because you are in a web designer. This just goes to show that we know what we are doing it when we do it for our own business, and current SEO clients.

Lets Build Something Amazing Together

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