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Argyle North West Construction were looking for a modern and fresh approach that was standout from the traditional construction websites showcasing diggers and high vis jackets. The previous site didn’t say why Argyle are experts in their field, and this needed to change.

Who are Argyle?

Argyle North West Construction are a quality construction company with a focus on excellence and high client satisfaction. From a small family company founded back in 1993 to established market leaders, there is no stopping them now with their amazing website.


The fonts selected were chosen to represent the strong foundations and heritage of Argyle. The font is robust, sharp, but feels industrial too. 

We wanted to make it clear what Argyle do, but in a more abstract way. We went through a selection process to ensure the imagery used wasn’t ‘typical’ of construction. The decorative elements were used subtly to showcase construction throughout and the ‘Argyle’ shape from the logo can be seen for buttons and menu navigation in particular.

Colours were really important in getting the look perfect. We used a bright turquoise colour to ensure that Argyle stood out from other construction companies who had followed a more traditional approach. The bright turquoise reflected the brightness of a high vis and complemented the dark site and imagery used, and would be incredibly noticeable when paired with the logo on vans and signs etc.

Argyle North West

Responsive Website

The website’s objective was to catch the attention of visitors and exaggerate why they are the best, and with the amazing bespoke animation on the homepage it certainly doesn’t disappoint. There is a positive and unique user journey throughout the site. The user can get to all information in as few clicks as possible with plenty of CTA’s present.

The site looks incredible on both mobile and desktop and is extremely responsive. The images expand on scroll which provides each user with a unique experience, as they are in control of the scroll.

Argyle North West

Project Summary

Argyle North West Construction now has a striking brand and website that showcases the why, makes them standout in a crowded market space and positions them as unique, professional and experienced.

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We were completely satisfied with their job well done.

- Ben Shaw

Director, Argyle North West Construction

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