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Who are Pebbles Care

Pebbles Care are a residential childcare company that also offers bespoke education for children and young people who have experienced traumatic pasts. With 45 residential homes, and two independent schools so far, Pebbles care are driven by innovation, excellence and dedication. They are focused and proud of giving young people the best opportunity to shine, and nurture them on their future journeys.

The Challenge

Although trailblazers in their field, Pebbles brand lacked any real identity. The colour palette was cold, and the logo didn’t reflect who they were or what they stood for. The website was dated, it didn’t tell the story for Pebbles, and the incredible work they do for young people up and down the country.

Brand Identity

Pebbles had a clear idea of what they wanted their logo to look like. We worked with them to refine the logo to ensure that the reaching child was in the centre to reflect that children are at the heart of everything they do.



We worked with Pebbles to ensure that the right font had been selected. They chosen font was Comfortaa due to it’s rounded shape which felt both professional, soft yet strong and friendly too.

Decorative Elements

Pebbles by name, pebbles by design! It was super important to bring the pebble shape into the design to further reinforce the brand shape. The iconography created helped to break up important information to ensure the user was not overwhelmed.


A vital part of the new brand was the colour selection, the previous colours did not have particularly positive connotations, and we needed to work together to find a colour palette that felt warm and friendly and more inline with the brand. The team did lots of research on colour psychology to ensure that there was clear meaning behind the chosen colour palette. 

Responsive website

The Pebbles website needed to be clear, concise and showcase information to multiple service users including both families and service users, colleagues and local authorities. 


Cleverly placed, striking Call to Action buttons help to create a positive user experience to encourage their audiences to get in touch for support.

Project Summary

Brace yourself for an elevated online experience that reflects their unwavering commitment to caring children and young people who have experienced traumatic pasts. Check out their refreshed brand, and website. Welcome to a world where every pebble matters!

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