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The Challenge

The previous website wasn’t showcasing all the incredible creative work that Alpha Grid have done. It was static, lacked lustre, and the new site needed to provide a platform to allow their work to take centre stage.

Who are AlphaGrid?

Alpha Grid (A Financial Times Company) are a creative content studio that focuses on bringing inspiring stories to life and encourages brands and organisations to provoke conversation with audiences.

Brand Identity

The logo had a completely different look and feel. We wanted the overall design to be unique and simple. With a bespoke font, all the letters have been arranged within a grid. It needed to feel editorial and sophisticated, whilst encapsulating both professionalism and creativity. 



The fonts selected were chosen to reflect the values of Honest, Knowledgeable, Collaborative, Innovative, Friendly and Creative. 

Decorative Elements

With Alpha Grid’s focus on storytelling, we thought it was important to ensure all decorative elements were created with the ‘viewfinder’ as inspiration. 


The selection process for colours took the longest. We worked collaboratively to find a palette that was approachable, simple and inspiring. The colours needed to symbolise and express the core values of intelligence and creativity. 

Responsive Website

The website needed to create an impact! When users land on the site, they see an incredible showreel that highlights the outstanding, creative and clever work Alpha Grid do.  The focus throughout the site is all around the case studies and tells the story of each project visually. 

Small interactions help to bring the brand to life. The branding decorations are used to bolster the design but they don’t detract from the true message.

Project Summary

Alpha Grid now has a platform to capture audiences anywhere and everywhere! The website now reflects who they are, and what they do and will comfortably place them as market leaders in their field.

Check out their new site here.

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