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With their passion for supporting customers through the UK energy transition and their focus on clean renewable energy, our goal was to bring a clean and unique presence to their brand which better reflected their values.

Avrenim was set up initially to control three specialist areas of service delivery, Facilities Management, Projects and Refurbishments, Consultancy and Advice and have now re-structured to concentrate on their key areas which are Consultancy Services and Design, Project Delivery, Facilities Management, Energy Services.





Brand Identity

We wanted to bring the brand values through into the new logo design, mapping the ‘Journey to Net Zero.’ The flowing rotation shows pollution spiralling into clean energy. Our simplistic approach is also echoed throughout their branding.



Avrenim provide a clean energy service so it was important that the colours of nature where heavily inspired in our decision. Both shades of Green and Blue bring a positive and strong identity which help reassure a level of trust and transparency.




Responsive Website

A responsive design allows the website to flow across all screens and devices. Paired with our custom interactions and animations, they add a unique and memorable experience for the user.

Project Summary

The brand has been brought to life and the results are simply stunning. Avrenim’s website is now a clear reflection of their values and will allow them to confidently support other businesses on their Journey to Net Zero.

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