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CoComms Media Training will help maximise every promotional opportunity. 

CoComms, Communications Training draws on the skills used to deal with the media and translates it to the corporate world. So, each client is well prepared and well received at every presentation, video call, ‘town hall’ meeting and conference.


CoComms old logo


CoComms logo on a transparent background


CoComms came to us wanting to update their logo to be more modern and to match the new website designs we created. 

We started by changing the swirls around the play icon to more of a ‘C’ shape and styled this to be more similar to a ‘play button’. Given the nature of the services CoComms offer we wanted to keep the play button element of the logo. 

The old logo used two very similar colour blues. If you look closely you can see the words ‘Co’ and ‘Comms’ were different shades. We decided to drop the two-tone blue and uniform the logo with the two main colours, orange and blue. 

Lastly to help keep the logo look clean and to allow it to be responsive across different devices we dropped the tagline beneath the logo. This tag line is still used across their branding material which meant we had the freedom to lose this from the logo. 

CoComms orange


CoComms blue



With the logo signed off and ready to be rolled out we turned our attention to the website. We used several elements from the newly designed logo to help sculpt the website designs. 

The new website had to showcase CoComms as a new age media communications company rather than old school approach.

One thing that was needed was a much cleverer user journey with clear and concise calls to action which were included right from the initial design. 

The CMS needed to include functionality that allowed all of the team at CoComms to be able to easily edit the content and latest news sections. 

CoComms site screenshot
CoComms site mockup

Excellent accessibility as we thought of random additions to the project, we always felt in safe hands that we would be supported through a timeline of events. We used email a lot but shared platforms were available. We Zoomed to say hi too. Journalists tend to be challenging clients as they are communicators so feel they know best. Our company is run by journalists. But Visions Design Lymm gently nudged us to where we needed to be, had the authority to ensure their expertise led the project, but the patience to bear with us whilst we came to their conclusion. Working with clients in the ‘media’ is much harder than those who have no knowledge and they did a great job.

– Liz Goddard

Managing Director, CoComms

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