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Horizon Care & Education

Horizon is an organisation that provides care, support and education for children with specialised requirements, bringing better opportunities to more than 800 children across the UK.

They approached us for help in redesigning and updating their website, making it more modern, friendlier and accessible for a variety of needs and easier to navigate.

The Problem

Horizon’s site was dated in its appearance and lacked a human touch, presenting itself as too serious and corporate. With their goal of allowing young people to feel comfortable with themselves, overcome tough challenges and flourish in the world, it was important to them that their new website design portrayed this and was both friendly, unintimidating and highly accessible.

Horizon Care Main page

The Process

We conducted various brand exercises with Horizon, where we discussed how they operate. We wanted the overall design language of the site to be playful and vibrant. The colours we used in the design were chosen because they are closely associated with children and growing up, representing friendliness and optimism.  

Horizon’s key brand colour is green, so our accents and supporting colours were created to fit in around this.

In order to reflect and better serve Horizon’s audience, a key focus was for the site to be modern and accessible to different needs and requirements. This was done by using large sections and call-to-actions and allowing the colour scheme and contrast to be changed, with monochrome options and dynamic font sizing. 

The website was designed to feel playful but easy to navigate; to do this we incorporated waves, curves and subtle bumps that dynamically move across the page for certain section dividers. This not only adds a fun and interactive element to the page but also subtly represents bumps in the road being overcome, which is a core part of Horizon’s mission statement. 


Extra pats on the back today go to Charlie Clayton and the team at Visions Design for bringing the website to life, and also to Gemma Clay for capturing the essence of Horizon’s vision and voice so perfectly. Thank you.

– Amanda Ferren

Marketing Manager at Horizon Care

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