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Kingdom Of Sweets

Established in April 2004 Kingdom Of Sweets has grown into one of the largest confectionery retailers in the UK, specialising in retailing confectionery from all over the world.

With such quality products such as Oreo’s, Reese’s, Nerds, Hershey’s, Wonka, Jelly Belly plus many others.

A huge sweet shop that also cater to large sporting and music events, more information can be found here.


With the branding already created we continued to build on it using the colours from the logo as the main colour pallet for our designs. 

Kingdom of Sweets orange swatch


Kingdom of Sweets purple swatch


Kingdom of Sweets green swatch


The Website

We first designed and developed the Kingdom Of Sweets website some years ago in 2016 which allowed them to sell their sweets online and not just in shops. 

After a full re-design and new requirements, we set about creating the new website. 

The CMS needed to include new functionality such as adding free gifts to certain orders, custom shipping methods and a bespoke Pick ‘N’ Mix calculator.

We also linked the website to an ordering system based in the shops allowing them to keep track of stock levels without any manual input. 

site screenshot
KOS web mockup


With Kingdom Of Sweets being such a visual brand we knew we have to take professional photography of the store and sweets to really show off just how good they look!

The photos taken have been used across the branding including print material,  through the website and their social media. 


Kingdom Of Sweets have stands in some of London’s biggest and busiest stadiums: The Oval, The London Olympic Stadium and even Wembley just to name a few. They asked us to help by designing packaging and the stadium stands they have. 

Not only have we designed numerous brochures, flyers and leaflets, we even designed custom graphics that were featured on black cabs across the capital. 

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