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Maison Fleur

A story of humble beginnings, Maison Fleur follows Kenny Valentin, a Parisian waiter and front-of-house manager turned entrepreneur.

Kenny moved to Cheshire in 2017, and went from an old vintage horse box, to opening his first restaurant Artisan Green, finally taking us to his second venture: Maison Fleur.

Maison Fleur offers a “five sense” experience, with the lighting, food and smells all coming together to create an incredible atmosphere. Combining fresh, high quality ingredients into an intercontinental menu, their dishes take influence from many countries across the world, including Japanese, Jamaican, French, Spanish and more. Maison Fleur’s goal is to have a “bit of everything” and to open up the dining experience.

The Website

Maison Fleur wanted a unique page to display all of their different music events, menus and offers easily. We designed and developed custom blocks showing off all upcoming events to make it as simple as possible to show customers what’s happening when. We included the function to upload new menus as some events will have custom menus.

They were already using an online tool call ResDiary, a booking system to organise table bookings and online orders, so we added a page to allow them to keep using this feature.


We decided to go with an elegant, cursive font as the main typeface, accented with discreet classical colours to portray the Parisian theme. We then used subtle floral imagery on the website, since Maison Fleur literally translates to “flower house.”

For the website, we took some establishing shots of the restaurant and exciting shots of food and cocktails being prepared for portions of the website where an animated video could be inserted.

Gold swatch for Maison Fleur


Black swatch for Maison Fleur


Off-white swatch for Maison Fleur


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