Quantum 360 - Visions Design


Quantum 360 is a consultancy specialising in strategic procurement, transformation and change management and leads this process for many multi-million pound projects, where efficiency and clear communication are key.

The Problem

Quantum 360 had no established brand and wanted to work with us to build a fresh and cohesive identity that reflects their ideals and the type of business they are.

They wanted bold, vivid colours that would make them stand out and create an impactful design language.

The Process


We got to work thinking of a brand identity that would be instantly recognisable and easy to interpret. The mark we developed is a circular arcing arrow, where the angular arrowhead gives the illusion of the tail of a capital Q, completing the full initial. This fits both the Q for Quantum and the 360 degree element in one minimalist logo, which could be easily broken down into multiple stages and animated.

The website was designed to be very clean and simple, with clear navigation, focus on the most important information and colours that reinforced the eye-catching brand palette of blue, green and white. Using a full-width video hero header on the homepage allowed it to make an impactful statement and take advantage of the screen space, whilst also drawing attention to the branding.

The large, bold font was used to catch attention and make the site easier to navigate and abstract imagery was used to complement this and not distract the viewer.

Rounded buttons were used to further emphasise the sleek and refined image the site was presenting and the blue and green colours side-by-side created an interesting contrast.