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Rockwash Geodata is a geological laboratory and service company founded in 2010 with headquarters in Llandudno Junction, North Wales with a focus on providing high-value, cost-effective datasets to their clients.

Their initial mission was to provide the oil and gas industry with an automated rock sample washing process that will feed further analysis. The company has developed year-by-year, creating innovative new products and services addressing present-day geological issues in an ever changing energy industry.

The Website

Rockwash wanted a complete website redesign to paint a modern look for their brand and concisely convey key messages to their customers. They already had a logo and colour palette in mind, so we just had to work on the site itself.

We communicated back and forth regarding the designs for their website and once they were happy with the direction we had taken we began to develop.

Firstly, we redesigned their homepage featuring professional video clips of their office, processes and a stylised clip of rocks in a waterfall.

Rockwash also wanted a unique, interactive map to display their footprint of all the clients that they’ve worked with globally.

Rockwash project map
Rockwash icon showcase

We’re impressed with the fresh and innovative web design

– Jack Crawthorne

Geologist – Rockwash Geodata